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Description du produit

Xhorse SW-007 Smart Watch En File
Xhorse SW-007 Smart Watch En File


Sapphire Glass

The dial is covered by the double glare-proofed curved sapphire crystal glass that allows for enhanced visibility and clarity. It is arched with a specific profile shape to create a unique optical experience that combines, perspective, depth, and light.

Smart Buttons
We designed four buttons on the smart watch, the Lock button, the Unlock button, the Trunk button and the multifunctional button.
All of the buttons on the watch had passed the rigid button testing.
Based on the testing results, the button life is over 100,000 times

Case Back
The great case back is processed by the ceramic bezel, 316l stainless steel, and sapphire crystal. Please be informed of the genuine article designed by Xhorse and manufactured by FIYTA. The case back is decorated with numerous inscriptions that include the engraving of the trademark and Xhorse slogan "EXTREME HORSE POWER, the watch model "SW-007 KEYLESS GO" and a few additional smaller symbols.

Quartz Movement
The SW-007 is equipped with the exquisite Japanese movement which can power the watch for up to 730 days.
The average instantaneous daily rate or actual daily rate(seconds/day): -0.5-0.5

5ATM Water Resistant
Suitable for everyday use, showering, bathing, shallow-water swimming, snorkeling, water-related work, fishing. Splash/rain resistant. (Not suitable for diving)

Noctilucent Watch
The watch hands are clearly readable in a dark environment.

Our Third Car Remote
Have you ever had those problems?
It's hard to find a good place to put your car remote while playing basketball?
Forget to take your car remote out while doing the laundry?
Can't find your car remote when you're in hurry?
Don't feel comfortable when you put it in your pocket?

Your third car remote Support over 30,000 car models

A multi-functional smart watch
Keyless go
Start my car
Stop my car
Open the trunk
Auto start/stop your car(this function can be available when your car has it)
Panic Function(this function can be available when your car has it)

Wear your Xhorse SW-007 smart watch to easily start/stop your car at any time.

To be your car remote without taking apart your car. 
  1. Watch-Car Matching
  2. Please initially complete the Remote Generation via intelligent KEY TOOL Series tools produced by Xhorse. 
  3. The watch should be put in the detection coil as deep as possible during the process of Remote Generation. Please contact the technical support team on Xhorse App if the Remote Generation cannot be completed successfully.
  4. After successfully completing the Remote Generation, please match your watch to your car via the professional matching devices. Please contact your local dealers for help.
  5. Users can remote the car by the watch after successfully completing the matching process. Users who own cars controlled by smart key remotes can directly use the watch as a car remote.

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