VNCI 6154A VAG Diagnostic Tool Alternative Solution of Original VAS 6154A

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Description du produit

VNCI 6154A VAG Diagnostic Tool Alternative Solution of Original VAS 6154A
VNCI 6154A VAG diagnostic tool is 100% Compatible with original drivers of different versions,  so you can switch freely without modifying any files. It supports the latest ODIS service software and continuous operation for 8 hours.
VNCI 6154A is suitable for individual enthusiasts, regular auto repair shop, and authorized official maintenance and technical service stations. Compared with the original VAS 6154A, you can spend less than one-tenth of money to have it.

Product Features:

2-year hardware warranty.
No need to replace the original driver, no need for third-party software, plug and play like original VAS 6154A
Three connection methods to adapt to various scenarios: USB connection mode, AP direct connection mode, Base station connection mode.
USB connection mode: connect VNCI 6154A with computer via USB cable
AP(WIFI) connection mode: Power to VNCI 6154A through the OBD port, and then connect VNCI 6154A with computer via device WIFI, similar to Bluetooth connection
Base station(WLAN ) connection mode: Add VNCI 6154A and current computer to the current WLAN, and then power to VNCI 6154A through the OBD port. 

Full-featured and Excellent Performance
Covering all Volkswagen Group models from 1995 to 2023 and beyond.
Stability, reliability, and repairability are far superior to the original VAS 6154A.
Support DoIP protocol,
Support CAN FD protocol
Support online function
Plug and play
Capable of handling large data flashing.
100% support for all original factory function.

Product Functions:
Online function
Clear fault codes
Flashing of hidden features
Coding and programming
Covering most of the models under Volkswagen Group's automotive brands
Support ODIS service v9.10/v10.0/v11.0+
Support ODIS Engineer v14.1/v15.0/v16.0+
100% Support DoIP protocol 
100% Support CAN FD protocol
Support KWP2000/UDS/CAN/K-Line......etc protocol
100% support all protocols
Vehicle diagnosis
Online/Offline programming
Flashing of hidden features
Support all ODIS service and ODIS engineer function
Covered models:
Volkswagen: 1995Y-2023MY+
Audi: 1995MY-2023MY+
Seat: 1995MY-2023MY+
Skoda: 1995Y-2023MY+
Bentley: 1995MY-2023MY+
Lamborghini: 1995MY-2023MY+
MAN: 1995MY-2023MY+

LED light instructions:
Orange: Mode
Green: Power
Red: DoIP communication
Blue: Connection status
Button: AP connect mode and Station connect mode switch button

Why should we choose VNCI 6154A ?

Usage recommendation:
The original ODIS service or ODIS engineer software must be installed original software
The original driver can not be replaced, and third-party ODIS driver can not be installed

Computer System requirements: 
Windows10 64-bit professional edition
4GB of memory
At least 100GB of free space on the C driver

VNCI 6154A power supply methods:
OBD port 12 power supply
USB port 5v power supply

Package Includes:

1pc x VNCI 6154A

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