ECONTROLS/WOODWARD Natural Gas Engine Electronic Control Systems Test Cable

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ECONTROLS & WOODWARD Natural Gas Engine Electronic Control Systems Test Cable, It is a Multibrands Natural Gas Engine Electronic Control Systems Test Cable, It uses Econtrols and WOODWARD diagnostic program. And can work on natural gas engine from Weichai Group, Yuchai Group, SDEC and SINOTRUCK that use Econtrols and WOODWARD electronic control system.It can not work on CANbus system right now. we will update it soon.

ECONTROLS & WOODWARD Natural Gas Engine Electronic Control Systems Test Cable

ToolKit supports these primary functions:

1. Parameter Monitoring: Via selectable graphical gauges and display component
2. Parameter Adjustment: Via selectable momentary or toggle buttons or direct entry gauges.
2. Alarm & Event Viewing: Via Alarm Monitoring tool designed in conjunction with appropriate application programming.
3. Multiple Security Levels
4. Monitoring and Changing Device Parameter Values:
      A ToolKit developed tool may contain one or more pages of parameter for various troubleshooting or turning procedures.
5. Settings Management:
      ToolKit can load or save all the settings to and from the control. This feature allows a user ( such as a fleet owner, distributor, or packager) to save all the setting from one control and load the same settings onto another similar control.Saved settings files can be modified offline and compared for differences.
6. Trending:
      ToolKit provides a trending tool that graphically plots data to the HMI screen. A trend graph can be saved to a spreadsheet-compatible file and used for further analysis.
7. Custom Tool Design:
      Parameters can be dragged and dropped in a visual environment to create custom pages within a tool file. There are several components that can be used to represent   the parameter such as gauges, drop down boxes , text, etc. The Developer license is required to be able to create and design custom tools.
8. Application Program Loading: ToolKit provides services to load a new application program onto GAP-based or MotoHawk-enabled control hardware.

Support Car Model:





How to connect WOODWARD:
1. Find 485A and 485B 2 cables from our test set.
2. Find J1-B22 and J1-B23 2 cables from ECM
3. Connect 485A to J1-B22
4. Connect 485B to J1-B23
 If you can find diagnostic port, please connect 485A and 485B to 2 signal pins, there are total 4 pins. you can try to find which pin is signal pins.
How to connect ECI (Econtrols):
1. Find following 3 cables from our test set:
     PCTXD(data transmit)
     PCRXD(data acceptance)
     GND (Ground cable)
 2. Connect PCTXD to 55pin of ECM
 3. Connect PCRXD to 56pin of ECM
 4. Connect GND to battery negative
 If you find diagnostic port, please connect PCRXD cable to A, and connect PCTXD cable to B, Connect GND cable to D.
 WOODWARD Diagnostic Software Screenshot

EControls EDIS ECI Target Communication Software Screenshot

Packing including:

1pcs x Diagnostic cable
1pcs x Multi-Pin cable
1pcs x CD

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