Auto Charge Voltage Stabilizer Fuel Saver

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Description du produit

AUTO-CHARGE is a special electronic product that made up of 3 Systems, namely, Voltage Stabilizer System, Battery Doctor System and Interference Reducer System.

Importance of Car Electronics and Stability of In-Car Voltage

Do you know how important is electrical voltage to your car performance and life-span?
Many problems occurred in your car now are due to unstable voltage supply, and if your car is not taken care of ASAP, it will then worsen to serious problem later. Most of the car owners look for mechanics assistance when having problems with their cars from time to time. They are unable to find the right cause and remedy to the problems, and worst of all, car owners have to compromise to the problems most of the time. As we know "precaution is better than treatment", like we take good care of our body, we should take good care of our car before it is too late. Small spending in advance is definitely a wise investment, as it has very high cost/performance in returns.

Electrical systems in our cars are interconnected to each other. To get perfect performance you need a good and harmony electrical circuit environment. For example, if you have a old and less efficient ignition circuit in your car, you will have very poor fuel consumption, low throttle response, misfiring problem, jerking gear shift, all problems may occurred due to a single defect in another electrical problem. So to maintain optimum electrical performance in your car, we need to have a very stable voltage environment. Here comes a new electronic device? AUTO-CHARGE, original patent/copyright from Japan, a multi-purpose Voltage Stabilizer with built in Battery Doctor System and Interference Reducer System. Once you use AUTO-CHARGE, your car is in best control by this product, it will solve small problems that due to unstable voltage during driving. What is more wonderful, it is so easy to installed, with just a plug into cigar-lighter socket, will activate this device. Unlike other fuel saving product, by adding chemical and tablets into the fuel tank, increase the risk of car damages.


1. Faster throttle response, engine power up.
2. Reduce car CPU noise signal, improve CPU reaction time, improve electronic efficiency.
3. Smoother gear shift on automatic car.
4. Improve engine power, better acceleration response, hence improve fuel saving.
5. Maximize ignition efficiency, easier engine start.
6. Prolong engine and electrical device life-span.
7. Easy installation, totally DIY, the first choice for ladies drivers.
8. Universal for all cars and motorcycles
9. Reduce noise with built in noise filter, improve sound system performance.
10. Equipped with double fuse protection, for better product life and safety.
11. Faster RPM response, it gives you powerful acceleration even when your car's air condition turn on to maximum load.
12. Cleaner exhaust emission on HC and CO gas. So more environment friendly.


1. AUTO-CHARGE Voltage Stabilizer has the following three systems

Voltage Stabilizer System
Interference Reducer System
Battery Doctor System

2. Benefits
The signals of Battery Doctor System are as follows
Fuel saving
Better RPM response
Increase engine torque
Engine power up
Optimized all electronic devices in car



1. What is AUTO-CHARGE ?
AUTO-CHARGE is a special electronic product that made up of 3 Systems, namely, Voltage Stabilizer System, Battery Doctor System and Interference Reducer System.

2. How does AUTO-CHARGE help my car? What benefits I can earn from using it?
The 3 Systems in AUTO-CHARGE help your car working at its optimum condition. Voltage Stabilizer System (VSS) is designed to maintain a stable working voltage over all electronic circuits and devices in your car. When there is an extra sudden load on your vehicle, like acceleration or turning on air-condition, it will prevent that load drain away any current from another electronic circuit in your car and all electrical parts will be working at their optimum conditions. Battery Doctor System (BDS) is a new great circuit that helps all car owners to check their batteries operating voltage without opening cars engine hood. Even lady drivers can use this system to monitor car battery condition easily. Interference Reducer System (IRS) is incorporated to reduce noise interference in your car so to eliminate unwanted electrical signal from one device to another. Now, most of new cars use a lot of electronic parts, and it is like human body, it has actuators (similar to our hands autonomic nerves) and reflectors (to our hands moto nerves system), signal are caught by actuators (like knock sensor) send back to CPU and process, new data is sent back to reflector (like spark plug) to correct problems. Noise interference will affect the accuracy of your car CPU computer response, so IRS will filter all noise signals and offer a low-noise signal operating condition to allow more accurate signal transfer between actuator and reflector for better car performance.

3. How to install and use AUTO-CHARGE ?
Using AUTO-CHARGE is as easy as reading ABC. Just plug the terminal of AUTO-CHARGE into your car's cigar-lighter socket and it will work right away.

4. How long can my AUTO-CHARGE last?
Normally all electronic circuit devices expected average life-span is 5 years, and so is our estimation for AUTO-CHARGE. Handle with extra care can prolong the life-span of AUTO-CHARGE up to 10 years.

5. How would I know AUTO-CHARGE stops working?
By theory, AUTO-CHARGE should be working all the time unless damage accidentally. You can check anytime by seeing digital reading, this indicates AUTO-CHARGE is working. If digital reading does not on, does not mean AUTO-CHARGE is not working, but we advise you to send the AUTO-CHARGE to company for checking. If it is still under warranty period, company will repair or replace new one at no cost to you.

6. When Digital reading is below 12, what does it means?
It is the smartest design that asks the digital reading on AUTO-CHARGE to show you more battery information of your car. 3 different reading stages to tell you:
a) Above 12: Normal voltage, battery condition is good.
b) Below 12: Abnormal voltage, check battery replacement if necessary.
c) LO / below 10: Please replace your battery immediately.

7. How long does AUTO-CHARGE start working after I first install?
By theory, in a few seconds, it will work on your car once you install AUTO-CHARGE.

8. When AUTO-CHARGE stops working, will it affect or damage my car?
No, it won't as AUTO-CHARGE is an add-on device that connected only over the car battery through cigar-lighter socket. So it will work like a body-guard to your car, and when it stops working, your car will get back to its original working condition and nothing is affected, but of course, you will loose the benefits from AUTO-CHARGE. Get a new one from your local nearest distributor if you need it, and enjoy the benefits again.

9. If I repeatedly remove and install AUTO-CHARGE from one car to another, will this action affect its function on my car?
In theory, it should not, as long as you carefully plug and unplug it from your car. But our best advice is to keep a unit attach to only 1 car as repeat action of removing AUTO-CHARGE may result in wear and tare of the connectors both inside your car and also on AUTO-CHARGE. So if you think AUTO-CHARGE is a good item, you should use a few more units on your different cars instead of constantly removing it from one car to another, it may shorten the life-span of AUTO-CHARGE at your own risk.

10. If I stop using AUTO-CHARGE for a while and reuse it again, will it damage my car?
No, it won't, as it is the same as you stop using AUTO-CHARGE and your car will get back to its original unhealthy condition. You will regain its benefit once you install it again.

11. Is it safe to use AUTO-CHARGE for my cars?
Yes, it is very safe to use AUTO-CHARGE as it is powered by DC (Direct Current) from your car's battery, so it contains no radio-active or magnetic waves at all. Only device run by AC (Alternating Current), like your house electronic devices will emit harmful waves to human body. Besides, installing AUTO-CHARHGE does not change any parts in your car, so it won't damage anything in your car.

12. Can I use AUTO-CHARGE on motorcycle?
Yes, you can, and it will work exactly as well as used in a car. But most of the motorcycle does not has a cigar-lighter socket, and you need to look for a professional to wire and install an external cigar-lighter socket, then you can install AUTIO-CHARGE on it. You can also consult company for more options.

13. How AUTO-CHARGE will help on fuel saving?
Our car fuel economy is very dependent on engine ignition. And ignition is very dependent on ignition voltage. All car mechanics or professionals know that ignition voltage is about 12000-14000 volts. We don't want to carry such a big coil in our car, so we use induction energy to generate this high voltage from our battery voltage (12V), so we get safe energy. But a dark side of it is, if there is change of 0.1V in battery voltage, by a factoring of 1000 times in voltage step up will results in 100V change of spark plug voltage. So it will affect engine combustion efficiency, mainly contribute to incomplete engine combustion. Incomplete combustion will result in wastage of fuel economy. AUTO-CHARGE main function is to stabilize your battery voltage, store and release energy when there is a change in electrical voltage, hence maintain stable operating battery voltage and induced ignition voltage. As a results, excellent fuel saving from complete engine combustion.

14. Will AUTO-CHARG shorten my battery life?
Maybe some of you will wonder if AUTO-CHARGE can store and drain energy from battery, it will use up more battery power compare to when it is not installed. In fact, it is reverse condition, as AUTO-CHARGE is like a secondary battery in your car, so it will reduce your current battery load and make battery life longer. Also with its self diagnosis Battery Doctor System, now you can check your battery operating voltage easier than before. That is why we say AUTO-CHARGE only should prolong your battery life like a human having regular body check-up program.

15. If I do not remove AUTO-CHARGE from my car when I turn off my car engine, will it affect my battery?
AUTO-CHARGE does need a minimal electrical energy to work, but so small that is insignificant compare to your battery capacity. So you no need to unplug it from your car when your car is regularly in use. Some car has an automatic cut off electrical supply to the cigar-lighter socket when engine is off to make it safer. As a better advice, if you intend to park your car for weeks or months, you should disconnect the battery regardless if you are using AUTO-CHARGE or not, as other electrical devices in your car will drain energy from your battery and make your battery flat even faster as compare to AUTO-CHARGE. For motorcycle user, our advice is to remove it from the cigar-lighter socket to prevent theft and also draining of battery is more obvious on motorcycle, as motorcycle has a very small battery capacity compare to car, so it has a higher risk of flat battery, so it is better to remove AUTO-CHARGE when you are using it on motorcycle.

16. Who can benefit from AUTO-CHARGE?
AUTO-CHARGE is designed for everyone, not only for car enthusiast. Especially you have an old car where all electronic devices getting aged and weak. Using AUTO-CHARGE will provide stable voltage supply to those aged electronic devices and make them work effectively. You will see better air-conditioning, easier engine start, more fuel saving, more engine response, etc., And it is so universal that you can use it on all kind of cars, SUV, pick-up, trucks, compact car, luxury car, sport car, etc.

17. What differences between AUTO-CHARGE and other similar device in the market?
Unlike others, AUTO-CHARGE is unique with its 3 in 1 Systems for your car and it is originally designed and made by Japan technology which using their experienced know how in car performance industry for many years. Japan will constantly upgrade their technology in company products and benefits the users. High grade electronic components are use in AUTO-CHARGE that is more heat & vibration resistance compare to others. With the tough mono-core aluminum casing and metal seals, AUTO-CHARGE can withstand all kind of weather and humid conditions to protect the circuit inside. And also it is first in the market that design for in-car cigar-lighter socket plug in use, unlike other products you need to install them inside the engine compartment. That means over exposure to extensive heat, chemical, outside world and vibration. You can imagine life-span of your AUTO-CHARGE that stays with you inside your car as compare to those install in engine compartment under extreme weather like Malaysia, which will last longer?

18. Why it is not advisable to plug and unplug AUTO-CHARGE in and out from the cigar-lighter socket during driving?

We do not advice doing this as there is a risk of damaging the in-car CPU or burning out some fuses in your car. When AUTO-CHARGE is in operation, the voltage stabilization from its VSS circuit provide extra current and maintain stable voltage to all the electronic devices in your car. When you remove AUTO-CHARGE out of sudden, there is a risk that sudden voltage dropped on some electronic devices, and some of them are very sensitive to voltage changes, this may results in damage or malfunction of the electronic devices. This is same as you unplug the power source of your computer and will result in program malfunction. We are glad to say that we foresee this problem and have taken extra care on it, by putting 2 fuses at the plug and inside circuit of AUTO-CHARGE, so you have double protection on it. Besides, company will provide an extra fuse for plug-socket with each AUTO-CHARGE purchased. Should you encounter any fuse damage problem, you are advised to send the AUTO-CHARGE back to company for inspection. Most important, if the voltage dropping are not extreme, our VSS system will also stabilize itself if you really do unplug the AUTO-CHARGE accidentally, which further minimize damage to your car and AUTO-CHARGE. But to ensure a longer life-span of AUTO-CHARGE or any other electronic devices, we will still advise you try not to plug/unplug while driving.



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