The correct way to program BSI with SVDI PSA

The technicians show you the right way to program BSI with SVDI PSA

Last week a customer sent me an email, telling me that his BSI in Peugeot 207 BSI was damaged, no horn or light after connected to SVDI PSA Commander to do programming. There was no problem when the tool built connection with the car, but the BSI would not response when programming. He was wondering is there anything wrong with the SVDI PSA?

I chatted with technicians about the issue and they found out the reason to the yesterday.

According to obd2diy technicians, it was not the SVDI PSA scanner but the way he operated the tool. The BSI would not response because the programming took more time than he expected. One of our technicians used the battery of the non-starting Peugeot on another car to start the donor-car and then he was able to connect to the "dead" BSI and revive it by switching off the economy / boot mode.

Here is the correct way to program BSI with SVDI PSA:

1.Remove the fuse wiper and street lamp;
2.Hook up the SVDI PSA to the car
3.Start odometer correction procedure

There will be no problem programming the BSI then.

If you have meet the same error when using SVDI PSA, hope this write up will help. If you have any questions about the tool, please contact our customer service at: