Some FAQs about FGTech Galletto 2-Master

Some Frequently Asked Questions when using FGTech Galletto 2-Master

Q1: Why eobd2.exe cannot open? How to fix it?

A: Please follow the instructions below to operate.

1.To star “EOBD2” but cannot open.
2.Open USB Fix-FG fix, and click “FTReadWrite_V3 ”.
3.Write EE, and open FG.
4.Finish writing.
5.Click and Start “EOBD2”.
6.When it display as that below, just click “OK”.
7.Select language you want.
8.Read and write ECU.
Q2: The dongle is working, but I cannot install the interface driver anymore. They system can find the hardware, but windows would not install the driver when I click on the folder interface driver.

A: There may have 2 possible reasons:

1.Then anti-virus software is not disabled or uninstalled before FGTech driver install, and the driver is more likely to be removed by the anti-virus software.

2.The driver fails to be installed correctly.

The following steps to setup FGTech Galletto V53 driver are provided for your reference:

1). Connect FGTech V53 to the computer and the car;
2). Set the computer date to January 1, 2013;
3). Copy CD-ROM software into your computer desktop;
4). Install the Found New Hardware Wizard for USB FGTech Driver, and select folder "interface driver" to contain.
5). A new window appears at the bottom right corner of the desktop "Found New Hardware-Your new hardware is installed and ready to use"
6) Open "Device Manager", under "Universal Serial Bus controllers" you will find "USB FGTech Driver"; this means FGTECH Galletto V53 driver is installed.
Q3: I got one FGTech Galletto 2-Master V53 and followed the instructions, I run FGTech Fix tool, but got an error as picture below.
A: There are 3 aspects you need to follow. First, set your computer system date to 1/1/2013. Second, back to watch our video tutorial on how to run “FG fix tool”. Third, better use windows XP professional.