How to use VCM II to disable activate Ford DRLs

With Ford VCM II,you can turn the DRL on or off without wiring whenever and wherever.

A daytime running lamp or DRL is an automotive lighting and bicycle lighting device on the front of vehicles that would automatically turn on when the vehicle is moving forward, Some drivers love it as it help illuminate the road in foggy days while some do not and some want to disable during the day while still being able to use them for driving at night. Well, for ford drivers, by following the guide made by obd2diy below, you can turn it on or off without wiring whenever and wherever.

Tools you will need:

1.Ford VCM II V86 diagnostic toolwith Ford IDS
2.A Windows XP laptop
How to turn on/ off Ford DRLS with VCM II:

1)First of all get the tools mentioned above ready. A Ford VCM II scan tool: is available on obd2diy for €116:
2)Install the Ford scanner on the laptop. has made a video on Ford IDS software installation for your reference:
3) Locate the OBD diagnostic socket in the car and plug the VCM II main unit into the OBD port.
4) Go to programming window, select exterior lighting.
5) Change from disabled to enabled in the body control module and instrument cluster module.
6) Follow the directions on screen for cycling the key or ignition on and off.
7) Clear IDS software. Done.