How to tune Alfa Lancia with Galletto 1260 cable

I bought a Galletto 1260 remap cable on behalf of a friend and managed to remap his car. He was so pleased with the result that he gave me the cable and its software. After reading through its manual and vehicle list for about half an hour, I have discovered the Galletto 1260 cable to read and write to my Alfa Lancia ECU.

Here is the manual:

And this is the Galletto 1260 software download link: The seller has shared the manual and software on its website. The software is the same as that I installed on my PC.

Here is a quick guide using it remap my Lancia:

ConnectED the cable to the car and my laptop.
AskED the software to detect my ECU.

AskED the software to read my ECU and saveED a copy of the data to my desktop.

I got my cable from for €13.75. It works as a charm. I had done it 3 times and successfully downloaded the data from my ECU and saved a copy. With the new map I was able to tune the ECU.

It took about 2 seconds to detect the ECU.
It took about 80 seconds to read the ECU and save a copy to the desktop.
It took about 40 seconds to erase the MAP data before taking another 7 seconds to reinstall it.
I am happy that I have remapped the ECU myself and have kept the cost within €15 (the new map was from my friend for free). The dealer was going to charge me €230. I think the remapping industry is changing. A lot of people, me included, are remapping their own vehicles because it is a lot cheaper and easier than people think. If you have managed to tune your own car, share your experience below.