How to reset Volvo S60 fluid counter with 2014A Vida Dice

VIDA DICE Diagnostic Tool Pour VOLVO 2014A Version

I just purchased a S60 used one and I wanted to flash its transmission fluid and reset the fluid counter. I did some research and decided to do it myself using the latest Vida Dice 2014A diagnostic tool. The process seemed complex in some forum threads, but when I reset the fluid counter this morning, I found an easy way to do that.

I used cheap VIDA 2014A clone from China with a Dice for less than $150. You will need a Windows 7 laptop if the version is 2014A, with computer memory over 2GRAM and C Disk storage over 40GB space. . The old versions, like 2011A are compatible with Windows XP system.

Disclaimer: This is how I did my car so it may be different from other and now I am sharing my knowledge to you. The responsibility to carry out this process is on you.

First install the Volvo Vida Dice 2014A software. Follow this video to get it installed:

Connect your Dice to VIDA and your car.

Click on Vehicle Profile and under "Communication tools" select your Dice to "Read your car".

How to reset "Transmission fluid change counter and Transmission adaptation systems"

-First click on "Diagnostics" tab.

-Than click on the sub tab "Vehicle Communication"

-After that go to TCM module, than go to advanced tab.

-From there you click on Transmission Fluid Change Counter and fellow the instruction to reset both transmission fluid change counter and adaptation systems.

Done. Cheers!