How to Reset HUD to Default Setting

HUD Device seems to be more and more popular, because vehicle owners who have gradually realized the importance that HUD can support.

What HUD Device can do?

HUD can perform important information, such as car speed, engine speed, water temperature, fuel consumption, etc on to the windshield.

Whatever, obd2diy has newly launched a new HUD which is compatible with Tire Indicator I5 with Compass.

Picture Display:
New 6" LED OBD-II HUD Head Up Display
Guide of how to reset HUD to default setting:

1) Disconnect the HUD head-up display device;
2) Power off the HUD kit;
3) Press Menu button. Open simultaneously Rocker Switch at the same time;
4) HUD kit will power on and display number “1”;
5) Turn off the machine;
6) Turn on the HUD kit as usual;
7) Reinstall HUD head-up display device with vehicle.

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