How to fix XPROG ECU programmer V5.5 no display

Here is a solution of XPROG ECU programmer V5.5 no display

Yesterday I received an email from a customer who purchased XPROG V5.50 Box ECU programmer from In the email he said his XPROG ECU programmer arrived last week, he tried installation on 3 computers (2 XP systems and 1 Windows 7 because he thought it might be the O/S) and the device would not work because the program would not display on the computers.

I chatted with our technicians and got a solution this morning. According to the technicians, this error was caused because XPROG hardware is not with the latest version. Below is solution to this error:

There are two things you will need in this process: USB UPA ECU programmer and XPROG V5.51 software. The software is available from the link below:!CYIx2A6a!T5s_8eLwA5Y6AuPjc1l5E6yKCbIPIAr3OoCL8Uv3ajk

Here are steps to update XPROG hardware with USB UPA and XPROG V5.51 software:

1.Erase chip ATMEGA 64
2.Program eeprom, Flash
3.Set Lock bits and fuse bits. Program lock bits, fuse bits.
4.Copy Xprogbox 5.51 to C:\ and run Xprognew.reg
5.Run XprogDesktop.exe and update.

Please note that the update process requires a little soldering and you should be careful when soldering ATMEGA 64 chip.
After installing the V5.51 software, the customer has no problem using the device. I got another email just an hour ago, saying the issue was finally fixed and he had tested it with Infineon xc23xx, Mac7242, SPI, I2C, Microwire eeproms, some 9S12, HC11, HC05 and TMS, it worked like a charm.

Hope this guide will help you.