How to disable/ active Volvo Seat Belt Alarm with Vida Dice

Tutorial on disabling/ activating Volvo Seat Belt Alarm with Vida Dice
I have got recently my new Volvo S80, from day one the seatbelt warning tone is killing my nerves. I was asking my Volvo dealer if there is a way to disable the tone, but he explained to me that this isnt possible as the belt is an important safety feature. But latest today I cannot live with this safety feature anymore. I searched some Volvo forums, realized I was not the only one that wants to turn off the alarm, and found a forum member managed to disable it without any wiring but with the Vida Dice Volvo diagnostic tool. I have a Vida bought from last year and rarely used it. This morning I took it out, hooked it up to my S80 and had no problem turn off the seat belt alarm. I write the steps out from memory, hoping it will help anyone.

Things you will need:

1.Volvo Vida Dice diagnostic device
The Vida I used is 2012A version. The latest version is 2014A according to The site has shared Vida Dice 2014A software, if interested:

2.Windows 7 laptop
The software would run faster on Windows 7 operating system laptop.

1) Install Volvo Vida Dice software. You can find its installation video online or follow the tips below:
1. Run the CD-ROM <\Install\DVD\Vida_dvdheader\Main\setup.exe>
2. Select the language you want to use.
3.Click “Install” to start Vida installation.
4.Restart the computer
5.Once the service icon (The bottom of the right corner) is available (VIDA Status: Running).
6. Choose the below cracked executing documents [VIDA2013A_patch.EXE], install it to list.
7.Restart the computer.
User Name: admin

2) Input vehicle model, year, etc. Until the profile of vehicle is entered the relevant Modules for that vehicle are accessible and a list of relative reprogramming options visible in “VEHICLE INFORMATIO”.
3) Hook up Vida Dice main unit into the OBD port.
4) Select “DIAGNSOTIC”.
5) Select “DIM” .
6) Select vehicle “INFORMATION”. You will then view your vehicle current status.
7) Select seatbelt alarm option and reset it. The alarm will be turned off; vice verse.