How to connect ELM327 scanner to iPhone through WiFi

I saw some buyers asked about how to use ELM327 WiFi connection on iPad, iPhone or iPod the other day so I would like to make a quick guide about this. ELM327 IOS can be ordered on under $17 with free freight.

1.Plug the ELM327 to the OBDII port in your car.

2.Start your IOS device, chose to connect to a Wi-Fi network in the Settings. It should be relatively easy to find out which one it is.

3.Once connected to that Wi-Fi network, click the small blue arrow to go to the advanced settings for it. Set the IP Address to Static. Configure the IP address to and the Subnet Mask to Then, go back and exit the settings. Other guides/videos might tell you to configure an IP as a “router”. That is not only useless but annoying as it would mean your iPhone would attempt to join the Internet through your ELM327 and any data would not come through as it’s connected to your car. Don’t set a router.

4.Start your car to provide power to the scanner.

5.Download a Dashcommand or any ELM327 diagnostic app. Start the app and make sure the connection is built.

6.Enjoy reading information from your car!