How does the tech solves VCI Configuration Error

“VCI Configuration Error” when use Allscanner VCX-PLUS Porsche tester II, we solved this

Some Allscanner VCX-PLUS Porsche tester II users are confronted with “VCI Configuration Error” when using this tool (shown as pictures below)
Here are the analysis and solution:

1.Customers can not set up PIWIS 2 computer software on Lenovo or Dell CF30 laptop, VCX-PLUS computer software cannot be used on Panasonic CF30 laptop vie visa. The software will be dead and cannot detect VCI if can replace the laptop hardware to an additional laptop.

2.Do adhere to the correct way of connect Piwis two or VCX-PLUS diagnostic system
Step 1: Turn around the ignition and start off the engine
Step 2: Connect the Piwis two or VCX-PLUS main unit in to the diagnostic socket
Step 3: Connect PIWIS 2 or VCX-PLUS primary unit with laptop by means of USB cable following each of the device indicator light turn on
Step 4: Run application and choose vehicle model you would like to detect
Step 5: After selecting automobile model, immediately start diagnosis.
Step 6: Waiting for the diagnostic outcome.
When the system displays some ECU modules out there after diagnosis comprehensive, it indicates that the technique is superior and able to detect the ECU modules automatically.
When the method cannot detect any ECU modules, it shows that there’s no excellent connection amongst automobile, device and personal computer or the device is damaged.