Autoboss V30 update by internet Technical Support

autoboss-update-instruction.pdf  (2.2M)


Autoboss software upgrading

Step 1: Visit AUTOBOSS website at heep:
Step 2: Enter English website
Step 3:Click on [V30] under the button [Download] to enter download screen
Step 4:Click on the opotion[V30 Update Client] to download the update client to your PC
             A file named V30setupEn.exe will be saved in your PC
Step 5:Double click on this file to install "v30 update client"step by step untill you see a image

Note:Just click on the button [next] in each step during the installation.We advise you to keep everything as a default.Please remember to input your name and company name.

After finishing the installation,you will see the icon shown on your desktop.

Download of "autoboss v30 update client" is finished.

1. Ensure that the antivirus software is closed before installing the device software

Antivirus software will consider fly100 software as a virus ,which is a mistake because the fly100 software have a application file in it. So, before installing the device software ,please turn off the antivirus software,so that the installing process will continue. Our fly100 software is absolutely safe!

If you forget this and the software data is destroyed or lost , do not worry, please contact us and we will send you a new CD or the software by internet.

2. Windows XP is the required computer operation system

Please ensure that you install and run fly100 software under windows XP, or else the device software and program will be destroyed and can not work.

When the installation finish, it’s possible to dismiss the installation CD and restart the system.  On the Desktop of your PC the icon of the computer program will appear.

Connect the USB interface to the PC and to wait for the recognition of the device. Start the program.

Any questions,please feel free contact our customer service via following ways:
Online service support