Lonsdor Autel Comparaison

  Lonsdor Autel Difference
1 Volve (S40/S60/S80/V40/V60/V70/C30/C70/XC60/XC90) The whole system supports (mechanical key, smart key, keyless start) key programming. VolvoC30/C70/S40/S60/S60 Cross Country/S60L/S80/S80L/V40/V40 Cross Country/V50/V60/V60 Cross Country/V70/V70 XC/XC60/XC70/XC90/All series support (mechanical key, toothless rotary key, semi-smart key, full smart key)
Among them
S80/V60/XC60/S60/XC70/V70/V40/S80/XC70/XC60/V40 Cross Country/S80L/S80L/S60L/V60 Cross Country/S60 Cross CountrySemi-smart key, support OBD free disassembly matching
Smart key models support KVM module cloning
C30/C70/S40/V50 models support CEM module cloning
1. Autel supports wider models than Lonsdor;
2. Lonsdor functions are all disassembly and reading, Autel supports OBD free disassembly matching for semi-smart key models, leading Lonsdor
3. Autel smart key models support KVM module cloning, leading Lonsdor
4. Autel supports C30/C70/S40/V50 model CEM module cloning, leading Lonsdor
2 Toyota, Lexus, smart key offline OBD programming, 5 in one emulator key (94/D4,98,39,88/8A, A key chip). Supported No
3 BMW cas1/cas2/cas3/cas3+/cas3++/cas4/cas4+/fem/bdcKey programming. Supported Autel already supports CAS4/CAS4+ OBD key matching, and Lonsdor is for reading.
Autel supports CAS4+ and FEM/BDC with more than 20 engine type keys lost. Lonsdor does not support it.
4 Mitsubishi all lost (with AKE analog key device) Supported Also disassembled
5 Mazda's latest secret-free smart key programming. Supported 808 is a domestic starter
6 Volkswagen Audi Skoda Seat, MQB platform key programming and meter adjustment (odometer adjustment) (change meter? mileage adjustment) Key matching is supported,
Mileage adjustment is not supported.
7 Hyundai-Kia 46 key chip, 46 smart key, 47 smart key, 8A smart key read PIN code function. Supported 808 supports wider vehicles than Lonsdor
8 Peugeot Citroen DS, supports most keys to add all lost and read PIN code functions. Supported The support range is wider than Lonsdor, such as 2017-N0X encryption type, Delphi type password reading, BSI cloning, etc.
9 Renault latitude/fluence non-secret 32-bit password key programming. Supported  
10 Smart 453 reads PIN code and key programming. Supported No
11 GM 10-18 series, support 80% of models to obtain PIN code from BCM Support GM, China GM, Brazil GM car series, 80% of the 2010-2018 models support PIN reading from BCM, and some models support PIN reading from ECM 1. Lonsdor only supports the anti-theft function of models in China, while Autel supports the anti-theft function of global models, leading Lonsdor
2. The PIN code reading function of BCM is basically the same as that of Lonsdor
3. Lonsdor supports 4 types to read PIN codes from ECM, Autel supports 9 types, leading Lonsdor
12 Subaru OBD lost all keys, reset PEPS Not Support  
13 Land Rover Jaguar OBD key programming, supports KF72/HPLA KVM series. Support F72/HPLA-XX part type RFA (official name) individual software version OBD key programming OBD programming type is consistent with Lonsdor
14 Ferrari (458, F12, F149) OBD key programming. Supported  
15 New SsangYong series keyless programming Same with Lonsdor A fixed password for the number of sites, no customer can enter it
16 Maserati 2017 smart key programming, support levantte, Ghibli, quattroporte Supported  
17 Generate special key function—4D, 46, 48, T5, 7936    
Other Benz DAS 3 key matching function Lonsdor Not Support