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Heavy-Duty JPRO Professional Diagnostic Software & Adapter Kit

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Heavy-Duty PRO Professional Diagnostic Software & Adapter Kit support Everything you need to diagnose and repair heavy & medium-duty vehicles.
Heavy-Duty PRO Professional Diagnostic Software & Adapter Kit

Support Everything you need to diagnose and repair heavy & medium-duty vehicles.
Heavy-Duty PRO Features:
1.Includes Heavy-Duty Modules: Mack, Volvo, Cummins, Detroit Diesel, International & PACCAR
2.Includes Medium-Duty Modules: Ford, GM, Isuzu & Sprinter
3.Bi-Directional Controls – Perform parameter changes (Mack & Volvo), DPF Regens (Mack, Volvo, Cummins, Detroit Diesel, 4.International & PACCAR) & bi-directional tests with proprietary data & faults
5.OE Level Fault Code Information – Display 99% of  Heavy-Duty & Medium-Duty fault codes with detailed OEM level descriptions
6.Fault Management – Clears faults and diagnoses all vehicle components in a single, easy to use application
7.Vehicle Reporting – View and print log files, including: Vehicle Health, Trip Reports & LOV Reports
8.Store & Save Data – Record data log files for playback at a later time, even away from the truck
9.Total Vehicle Health Status – See the entire vehicle in one pass on one screen + Up-to-Date – Provides 99% coverage of all heavy-duty truck DTCs through 2016

JPRO Commercial Fleet Diagnostics

1. Life time: One year once software is activated. (Reactivation through our kengen after one year )
2. Software version: 2016V1 (v2017 software will pop up update information; had better not update the software because of unknown error)
3. Hardware version: USB and WIFI version (now only the USB version available)
Driver version:  USB: 4.0.5983.2    WIFI:4.0.6114.1
4. System requirements: Windows 7 Ultimate 32bit&64bit,Windows 7 Professional 32bit&64bit。
5. Item list:
Software on DVD-ROM with Keygen and Drivers
JPRO DLA+ 2.0 Adapter Cable
Type-2 Vehicle Cables (6-Pin, 9-Pin)
Type-B OBDII Cables (Ford, GM, Sprinter, Mack & Volvo)  

6. Installation explanation:
Now, only the USB version is available in the market; the WIFI version has not released yet. But you need choose the driver version in use. Other jpro versions are under development

7. jpro diagnostic fleet active
first,close antivirus software in your computer,then copy the Activator to your computer harddisk ,run JproRegisterV2,it will auto run and active the sofeware ,don’t click mouse or keyboard in the time.

Package List:
1pc x JPRO Professional Diagnostic Software (Annual Subscription)
1pc x Next StepTM Service Information
1pc x DLA+ 2.0 Adapter*
1pc x Type-2 Vehicle Cables (6-Pin, 9-Pin)
1pc x Type-B OBDII Cables (Ford, GM, Sprinter, Mack & Volvo)