MAG PRO2 V4.1 Service Technique

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MAG PRO2 V4.1 OBD2 ecu tuning tool

MAG PRO2 V4.1 OBD2 ecu tuning tool

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MAGPro2 is a chiptuning system composed of several modules.
Serial OBDII programming tool that allows the communication with a vast number of vehicles, allowing the reading and writing through the use of simple connections with simple and fast software.

Q: When I open the software, it needs start password? What is it?

A: Yes, it needs password, the password is 12345678. (mot de passe)

Q: When I install the software, it asked me the license? What can I do? Just like the following picture shows,
the ID is like this 1057-3782-BA76-6BD0-4DCA-6408-FC48-3A10, each mag pro2 has different ID.

A: Don't worry, if you see this picture, please contact us give me the ID, and we will send the license software by email.
Following is license software picture: